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                D.A.T. Management Inc. (D.A.T. EXPRESS TEST CENTERS), a Utah corporation, was organized to assist businesses and government entities to develop and manage drug abuse programs with the common goal of maintaining a drug free workplace. D.A.T. has aided many such organizations in assisting the writing of policies and procedures, implementation of substance abuse control programs which utilize pre-employment, post-accident, random and for cause drug testing, drug prevention and awareness training.  In addition, our company also offers clinical testing at D.A.T. EXPRESS TEST CENTERS located in Utah, Idaho, Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico.  With access to collection facilities Nationwide.
                We believe we are unique because of the comprehensiveness of our services and the quality of our programs we offer to all our clients.  We offer both ON-SITE collections and clinical collections.  We are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
                I am very confident that D.A.T. has the requisite stability and resources to fulfill your needs.  D.A.T. is oriented and has adopted and employs only the most professional and consistent standards in order to be the foremost organization in the field of substance abuse control.  All our collectors are DOT certified and trained in all types of collections.

Please contact us at (888)656-1122 we can help you with all of your Drug Testing Needs.